I got scamed ,thinking I was buying a one time purchase.I got nothing stating that I would be auto shipped their silly product.

But no, they had to charge my card four times in less than a month's time . A total of about 600 dollars. I had to cancel the card. They kept charging to my card and didn't even send the product.

I don't want their stuff anyway. Nature Girl Herbs has bad business practices. Also there is no way of contacting them in site other than e-mail.

They don't respond to that either.Bad company Shame, shame

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I can't believe that 8 years later Valerie is still up to her same old tricks. Submit a report to the BBB. Attach a copy of this http://www.ct.gov/ag/cwp/view.asp?A=2341&Q=460056. It is the lawsuit result from the CT Attorney General to Sunrise Herbal Farm/Remedies- Valerie's business here in CT. If you want all my evidence, which includes emails, voicemails etc, I can send it to your Attorney General's office. It was very helpful information that helped make the case here in CT. Here is the letter off the Attorney General's website:

2010 Press Releases

Connecticut Attorney General's Office

Press Release

Attorney General Announces Consumers To Receive $88,000 In Settlement Of Sunrise Herbal Lawsuit

May 12, 2010

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today announced that Sunrise Herbal Remedies, Inc. of Bethel and its owner Valerie Hawk-Hoffman will make full refunds to consumers -- a total of $88,000 -- settling a state lawsuit alleging unwanted deliveries and abusive collection practices.

Blumenthal sued the company and Hawk-Hoffman in 2007 on behalf of Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. More than 370 consumers have filed complaints about Sunrise Herbal -- also known as Sage Advice, Inc. and Herbs and Teas -- with Blumenthal’s office and DCP.

Hawk-Hoffman and her company agreed to a settlement ensuring full restitution to all consumers who complained to DCP and...

“This settlement guarantees full restitution -- 100 cents on the dollar -- for as many as 400 consumers who allege Ms. Hawk-Hoffman and her company sent and billed them for products they never ordered,” Blumenthal said. “Some consumers who placed a single order alleged they instead received monthly shipments. Others complained of signing up for once monthly deliveries only to be sent products two or three times a month. Still others complained of difficulties in canceling orders, as well as allegedly abusive collection practices for moneys they said they did not owe.

“This agreement settles serious charges and assures consumers get back all alleged overcharges and payments for disputed orders,” Blumenthal said.

Sunrise Herbal and Hawk-Hoffman sold herbal products at seminars, over the phone and on the Internet, saying the items provided a wide range of benefits, including increased energy, stress relief and an improved love life. The herbal packages cost $40 to $129 each. A majority of consumers told Blumenthal’s office and DCP they believed they were buying one order, only to be signed up for regular shipments. The average consumer estimated their loss at about $200.

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Eustis, Florida, United States #624595

These comments posted are cruel and appalling and are not at all based on fact. Even the owner information and business location is totally inaccurate so I am sure this party will be sued by that woman they are illegally defaming as well. Slander and defamation is very very serious folks. Look up basically every company out there these days and there are unpleasant people saying terrible things about them, its truly awful and must be stopped.

All clients are given paperwork stating the company is an Auto Ship company ( as several in posts admit ) and the invoices also state the policies and its explain to clients that they ship on a regular basis as well at every single event-its very very clear and its under 1 percent of the customer base that abuses the internet this way and claims to be so confused. In reality its very clear, these clients are not at all confused they are simply

trying to bully the company out of the policies and in these cases they admitted they were aware of the policies and were quickly caught in their own mistruths which is why the credit card company sided with the company.

How very sad and transparent, this lady posting under several names and even stating in her paperwork there was a flyer stating that this was an Auto Ship company. She even went so far as to provide further false information saying she could not reach the company but then later admitted the company responded within minutes when she emailed (as did...

The bottom line is the client had a choice not to purchase or to cancel if she did not want ongoing orders and when she did eventually cancel her request was immediately honored that very day. Sadly the company did have to sue one of the ladies who posted such horrible comments and it was a blessing the judge awarded over $50,000. Defamation cannot be tolerated. This client even goes so far to say the positive comments were written by the company..oh really? How would she know that? That is yet another mistruth based on her goal to defame, not on fact as the kind posts were written by clients who have been with the company for over a decade and were simply reiterating how clear the policies are.

This party clearly has freedom of speech confused and lucklily the judge agreed her statements were nothing short of vexatious and disturbing. She is clearly a very unhappy person and for that I pity her but the company could not stand back and have her harm them when they work so hard and have such wonderful customer service. Not many companies out there can say they respond to clients 365 a year within minutes in nearly every case and also do the wonderful things for the environment, animal causes and and consumers. I can only imagine how this person who posted will feel if we decide to post unkind mean things about her-internet abuse will NOT be tolerated. Life is short, be kind and say good things about each other.

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This lady's name/s are Valerie Hawk Hoffman or Valerie Holland Furey.She's recently remarried & lives/d in St.

Augustine, but she first started her scams in Conneticut where her business, Sunrise Herbal Farms was sued by the Conn. Attorney General after 400 complaints to the BBB. (Just google her name and Conn. lawsuit and you should have pleanty to go on.) She and her husband quickly moved to Maine and then Florida.

She always writes profusely on complaint blogs using numerous names defending herself and threatening to sue those who complain. Don't worry - I've been warning people for 8 years and she hasn't sued me yet but she can't because everything is based in fact.

Contact your Florida BBB and Attorney General.Maybe they can finally shut her down.


The person who runs this company was sued for scamming consumers in Connecticut.Her name is currently Valerie Furey (newly married).

When she sued by the Attoney General's office in CT. for her auto ship policies and billing in CT.

her name was Valerie Hoffman.Do a search on Ripoff Reports to see the complaints again this woman.


I too have been scammed by this company.Your credit card will be charged an exorbitant price for the products...

twice each month. Neither the representative's name or address is available to the consumer... you can only contact them via email. And, when asked for the address, they will simply ignore you.

This prevents you from returning the product for a refund.Stay away from this company!!!


I have been getting orders for years from this company and love their quality and customer service. People need to read and follow their policies it says cancels are the 15th of the month before.


I recently received 4 bottle of your product which i did not order and do not want.I will send the product back to you and expect a refund of 176.97.

I originally purchased four bottles at a craft show in Cagan Crossings in February at a show price of 127.??. When if get my credit union statement, I was charged 176.97.

I request a refund of the difference.My friend was only charged the 127.??.

to ljcrazylady@msn.com Jacksonville, Florida, United States #587700

I had the same thing happen to me.


I too have been scammed by this company---I never even ordered anything online, I purchased a bottle one time at my local Farmers Market and they keep charging my debit card over and over for nothing. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!


There 4 comments written about how wonderful this company is are all written by the owner of the company. She can't fool anybody. what a scamer

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